I think everyone is allowed to have a musical guilty pleasure, meaning theres music that isn't that good but for some reason we enjoy the living shit out of it lol for me its the single You Guessed It by OG Maco lol NO SHADE just being honest
Don't Judge me but I've been waiting for this...


Well, Hello there...

Here is the beginning of my post. It has been over 2 years since my last post... There is no real reason as to why tho.  It would seem as if the updates to technology seemed to have made posting less convenient and so I stopped blogging... Now does this mean I am back to blogging as I used to be... I am not sure...And here is the rest of it.



G.O.O.D. Music Movement!!!!


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Gotta Learn to Live With Regrets

A lot of people live life saying they have no regrets... I'm sorry but I have experienced some things that I do regret.

I once was an expecting father and unfortunately I lost my son on 11.15.2007. As much as I pride myself on the morals I idealize in parenthood. I wasn't there as much as I should have been for the preparation for my son.

Today I look back and realize how wrong I was. It is going on 3 years since Sean has passed and the day I learned of his passing I will never be able to let down. I have never gotten any news as bad as the news I received when I learned that my soon to be born son had passed away.

I know he's in heaven looking down on me and I hope he can forgive me for not being there when he needed me most...

I'm sorry, Sean